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IT-Security- What you should about it

March 19, 2018

You are active in the IT Security Industry?

Then you will know best that global interconnectedness and crossborder communication via the World Wide Web made the modern world of IT much more vulnerable for criminal activities.

„In Germany alone damages caused by cybercrime amounted to more than 50 million Euros in the last years.“ *

We are aware that your customers or prospects often lack specific product knowledge or are not informed about the most recent developments in IT security. Our in depth expertise and extensive experience in dialogue marketing enable us to find the ideal ways of communication to fill these gaps. We can transport the following topics to your target group in order to sell your products or services:

Cloud Server and Data Center Protection

Primarily IT security is not about the protection of individual personal data. Especially Data Centers and Cloud Servers must be supervised by intact IT Security. All types of information or systems that process or store them must be resistant to hacker attacks. Maintaining business operative actionability can only be guaranteed if IT systems can be sufficiently protected. As a security partner or manufacturer we can consult you to direct your activity perfectly towards your target group.

Detect risks not just on company level

Staff can also, knowingly or unknowingly, pose a security risk to companies. Often this happens by just clicking on a link in an email granting concealed malware access to the system. On the other hand, external private and virus infected storage devices often cause substantial damage. In the meantime the integration of SaaS applications or collaboration tools can reduce IT systems´ protection levels. These are predominantly used internally and without consent or protection by IT experts.

Consider terminal devices

Operating Systems and applications on terminal devices should also be considered for IT Security. In many cases there are connections to other devices and applications via networks ranging beyond the company network. Therefore Internet and Cloud Security are just as important, because many applications and IT resources are accessed using Cloud Services. The continued development towards interconnectedness via internet bears further risks which offer ever new challenges of hacker attacks to IT Security.

Company details and third party data require specific protection

Imagine not just your customers´ data were stolen, but simultaneously hackers gained access to your company´s internal information. This scenario makes preventing potential threats by means of IT security even more relevant. You do not just protect your company, but also your customers´ data. Cybercriminals improve their offensive tactics which results in threats being posed to every digital, connected technology. Manipulation and data theft are commonplace in industry by now and with the expected expand of digitalization in the future this is unlikely to decrease.

Are you looking for an interesting and professional way to inform your customers or prospects about protective methods against cybercrime or threats in IT Security? As a project manager, I and my team of IT Security Agents would really like to support you in finding or activating new customers.

* https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/193207/umfrage/finanzielle-schaeden-durch-cyberkriminalitaet-in-deutschland/


Martin Rohrbach

Since April 2015 I have been responsible as project manager for National and International campaigns of our customers.