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Internal training - a guarantee for successful telemarketing

April 10, 2019

internal training

This also applies to us in dialogue marketing of course. For this reason, it is particularly important for employees to continuously expand their skills after being hired by the company in order to develop future opportunities in this growing industry.

Well-trained employees are a prerequisite and guarantee for a successful telemarketing campaign!

The traditional advanced training in a personal frontal instruction format only rarely represents the most effective training method. For a long time now, modern employee training not only includes the transfer of theoretical knowledge. Professional workshops are practice-oriented and require active cooperation of each participant. This way, new knowledge is acquired and expanded together – the discussion of topics is more intense and the learning effect is enhanced.

At SIGN FOR COM, our goal is employee encouragement to learn independently and responsibly. For this reason, high-quality internal training is of great relevance for us.

Microtraining – the effective learning mix

Fast, topic-related and practical knowledge transfer: this is what so-called microtraining does. In relatively short face-to-face training sessions with a lot of practical relevance, the employees learn the required content piece by piece. This knowledge is deepened independently with the help of mobile learning – i.e. via smartphone or tablet. The employee decides independently when and where to learn. By constantly repeating the contents, this learning method not only enhances the internalisation of new skills, but also challenges the employee to independent learning and initiative. Both are important qualities that we and our customers value in our employees.

Good further training also requires competent trainers and coaches. We deliberately abstain from employed coaches in order to ensure that our trainings are always up to the latest standards and methods and always convey new content. At SIGN FOR COM, we have our selected coaches continuously trained and educated by professionals on the market according to their specific topics and focal points.

In addition to the methods, the topics of further training must also be selected correctly, of course. In telemarketing, not only IT sector specific knowledge, such as applicable hardware or software, is relevant. Regular telephone training and the feeling for different customer groups as well as psychology in discussion are useful and necessary for everyday professional life and successful results on the phone.

In a nutshell: employee competence is closely related to the company´s success. At SIGN FOR COM, we therefore focus on the regular developing training of our employees. Only through this constant transfer of knowledge can we profitably implement the new developments in the industry and offer our customers dialogue marketing on the highest level.

Hildegard Pisoke

Hildegard Pisoke

I have been working for SIGN FOR COM since 2003 and have been a member of the Executive Board since 2014. My tasks include the management and organization of all ongoing customer projects as well as the optimization of all factors that lead to success. My motto is “The secret of success is to never be content with being satisfied.” (Ray Conniff)